RailKing.Co.UK MTH DCS controller and common items Overview

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MTH (Mike's Train House) is an American company renowned for decades or their Premier and RailKing O Gauge ranges of American railroad models. Their full catalogue covers a wide range of railway eras, prototypes and types or styles of models, for instance they still offer tinplate. More recently they have taken on Gauge 1, HO and S gauge where their manufacturing techniques and patented electronic control systems have also been very well received.

If you are looking for DCS firmware downloads, here is a link to the MTH site.

This Common item section is intended to cover those items that need not be used specifically with particular MTH ranges, though there are some obvious exceptions with regard to documentation and spares. Basically there are the DCS and analog contollers and associated electronics, maintenance items and spare parts, catalogues and other documentation, miscellaneous items and finally clothing. It is quite possible that you will disagree with the placement of some items in their category, is the DCS track planning software more to do with electronics, should it be regarded as documentation or should it be put in with the Realtrax or Scaletrax lists? (current choice is documentation) I hope you will allow for some leeway as to the categorization used.

Items on our lists can fall into into several categories of availability:

IS - In stock, AO - Available to Order, PO - Pre Order, BC - Book Closed (enquire), BG - Been and Gone, RKC - RailKing Club item, DAP - Dealer limited item

Given our location we do not expect that many visitors but, if you ever are in the vicinity, by prior arrangement we would be pleased to show you what we have. We are happy to mail-order to anywhere the usual carriers can reach. If you would like to place an order then we provide a printable mail-in form, or alternatively you may place your credit/debit card order on line at our web-shop.