I think this was the very first MTH GS-4 to be delivered out in the UK (photo courtesy Anon)

Courtesy of Nigel Cooper, some images of MTH hoppers on his D&RGW line

Courtesy of Trevor Goodman, the UP Greyhound liveried Challenger on freight assignment and SP coaches making use of the available Daylight.

Courtesy of Mark Wood, these shots of his garden layout.

Incidentally the Dash-8 (and also the rolling stock) have been given some very nice fine-scale replacement wheelsets which Mark

is able to provide to those who prefer more realistic wheel standards.

Courtesy of Paul Mumford, his Challenger on an early outing.

Thanks to Martin Hughes, smooth side N&W coaches (ex B & O) on an outing behind a live steam (ex-electric!) J. I wish that MTH would wake up to these opportunities

Thanks once more to Mark Wood, be specific buy Union Pacific.

Further shots courtesy of Mark Wood

Another decent photo courtesy Mark Wood, this time of his Challenger.

If Only MTH would realise that their products can stay on the track even when running scale flanges.

Canadian Pacific and Caterpillar private owner stock now running in Scotland. The owner uses both electric and live steam power and

he is currently fitting a video camera to the caboose cupola. Perhaps he will provide some on-track footage in the future.

Here is a link to his MTH diesels and rolling stock in motion

and some more Union Pacific below courtesy once more of Mark Woods

Thanks to Mr. Landon, several shots of his ATSF rake behind a 1/29 scale USA Trains switcher

Thanks to Mons. Trocherie, several shots of his ATSF and BNSF Dash 8. When I saw these photos in the email sequence I noticed the snow and thought that the

realism was a benefit flowing from outdooor use but not so, the shots above are from the indoor section of his layout. I think this is the most realistic depiction of snow

on a layout that I have ever seen, the weathering on the locomotives is also remarkable, if you do not look at the "Kadee curve" on the coupler "hose" the photos could

be mistaken for the prototypes.