Small Print and Ordering Information-Partial Payments

This page details the additional terms and conditions applying to any deposits or partial payments placed against items. This page should be read in conjunction with the general terms and conditions.

The purpose of offering to accept deposits is to allow puchasers to secure an item in a proposed production run, either whilst the order book is open or from our known order allocation, without immediately committing to or funding the full purchase price.

Not all items will be subject to the deposit system, initially it will be offered for some of the steam locomotives.

20% deposit will be required against our listed price at the time of the order.

We, based on information provided by MTH, give the estimated production date for items . The customer must understand that this is an estimated date, MTH have a habit of missing the dates given in their initial product announcements and in some cases items have arrived a year later than originally mentioned. To provide customers with a limitation to the effects of any changes in production dates and delivery, we make the following commitment:

If you have fully paid for a pre-order item and it has not been despatched to you by the end of the sixth month following the estimated month of production given at the time of your order then you may opt for a full refund of the amount paid for that item. If MTH issue a revised later production date, and you agree to such a delay, then your order will stand and the offer to refund will operate from the end of the sixth month following the revised date.

On items that have been partially paid we reserve the right to adjust pricing should there be major weakening of Sterling versus the US Dollar. We will post on our web site the exchange rate on which the prices are calculatedt. Any adjustment would be applied to the amount outstanding; if an item is paid for in full at the time of order then the price is fixed. In general prices will be protected up to a 10% adverse movement in the exchange rate.

If MTH should cancel production, or our allocation be lost or damaged in transit from MTH to us, then the monies paid for affected items will be refunded.

We will normally expect customers to pay for insured carriage and in such cases we or the carrier will refund on proof of loss or damage. If the customers opts for uninsured carriage then the risk falls on the customer.

We will require the balance on pre-ordered items to be paid during the month prior to the estimated production date (as revised), if this is not done then we reserve the right to retain the deposit


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