Here is a simple page to illustrate the caboose.

I measure the caboose body width at 91mm, roof length at 324 (340 between ends of roof walkway), height off the rails to top of walkway 115mm and 143 to top of cupola roof.

The photos were grabbed quickly so that there is something for you to see. I hope these give you the overall idea of the quality and detail on the model.

The caboose has a full interior, two crew members and lighting. The doors open but are sprung to close, the toolbox door slides (no tools provided) even the flooring and underside of the roof is detailed. I apologise for the poor depth of field and lighting in the interior shot, it simply does not do the model justice, the caboose really is one of the best models in the MTH product line.

The trucks have a little bit of give but are not sprung as such, pick ups on one axle each end.

The underneath of the frame is once more ready to take the alternative american style G1 coupler

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