Here is a simple page to illustrate the recently arrived coach.

I measure the coach body width at 95mm, height off the rails at 128, body length of 667 (spot on for 70 foot), 694 between diaphragm ends and 718mm coupled length.

The photos were grabbed quickly so that there is something for you to see. I hope these give you the overall idea of the quality and detail on the model.

In particular I have tried to show the corrugation of the ribbed sides. If you were thinking of adapting a smooth-side body then please consider waiting for the B&O version.

The springs in the centre of the truck frames are for decoration, those directly above the axle-boxes are functional and allow around 2mm of movement.

The side doors open with a spring to keep them closed. The diaphragm is made out of a firm plastic and does not extend.

Pick-up for the half dozen interior lights comes from one axle per truck.

The detail underneath is not a work of art, but sufficient to make it profile properly when on the track. There appear to be mounting points for other couplers.

This page has now been updated to show the first of the smooth side coaches. Currently this is only available in the Baltimore and Ohio colour scheme. Other roadnames

are slated for produduction in late 2007 (probably meaning a mid 2008 delivery is more likely). If your favoured road is not on their production schedule or you prefer not

to wait then you now have the basic coach body available for painting.

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{short description of image}

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