Here is a simple page to illustrate the recently arrived hopper wagon.

I measure the hopper body width at 100mm, height off the rails at 109, body length of 464 (49 foot).

The photos were grabbed quickly so that there is something for you to see. I hope these give you the overall idea of the quality and detail on the model.

I have omitted the dummy coal load since it allows a view of the hopper interior and, to put it bluntly, the load lets down the rest of the model.

The springs in the truck frames are functional and allow around 2mm of movement.

The hopper doors open and close with a firm click, maybe the more determined could make these operate by a solenoid or servo.

The underneath of the frame is once more ready to take the alternative american style G1 coupler

( click here for further, customer supplied, hopper images )

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