Pre-order discount

The pre-order discount scheme has been suspended, current circumstances have removed most of the logic for operating the pre-order discount. Firstly interest rates are so low that there is precious little compensating factor for the reduced pricing, secondly the gauge 1 model line, which used to have the longest lead times (and also traditionally suffered the greatest production queue delays) only has a couple of items in the production queue (which sadly is not because they have suddenly accelerated production but as of 2011 seem instead to have put a freeze on any new models [fortunately unfrozen at the end of 2013]) whilst the O gauge and Ho ranges seem to be produced in a more timely manner.

Ideally MTH would announce a "last orders" date for their models which would allow you to make your decisions so that appropriate orders could be placed but I do not think that they would introduce this.

I hope that you will understand the reasons for abandoning the discount scheme and I hope that those of you who were prepared to pre-pay in days gone by put the money saved to good use..