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70-3001-1 apr03 NYC J3a Hudson steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3002-1 mar04 UP Challenger steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3003-1 mar04 UP Challenger 2-tone grey w/Proto-sound 2.0
70-3004-1 mar04 Clinchfield Challenger loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3005-0 jan05 SP Daylight GS-4 steam loco (no sound)
70-3005-1 jun05 SP Daylight GS-4 steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3006-0 jan05 SP AFT GS-4 steam loco (no sound)
70-3006-1 jun05 SP AFT GS-4 steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3007-1 mar04 B&A J2b Hudson steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3008-1 mar04 ATSF class 3460 loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3009-0 feb06 UP Big Boy (no sound)
70-3009-1 may06 UP Big Boy Protosound 2.0
70-3010-1 aug04 NYC J3a Hudson steam loco w/Proto-Sound 2.0
70-3011-0 feb05 SP GS-2 (no sound)
70-3011-1 feb05 SP GS-2, Protosound 2.0
70-3012-0 feb05 WP GS-2 (no sound)
70-3012-1 feb05 WP GS-2, Protosound 2.0
70-3013-0 jul05 Delaware & Hudson challenger no-sound
70-3013-1 jan06 Delaware & Hudson Challenger protosound 2.0
70-3014-0 jul05 DRG Challenger (no sound)
70-3014-1 jan06 DRG Challenger Protosound 2.0
70-3015-0 jul05 Northern Pacific Challenger (no sound)
70-3015-1 jan06 Northern Pacific Challenger Protosound 2.0
70-3016-0 jul05 UP Challenger (grey, no sound)
70-3016-1 jan06 UP Challenger (grey, Protosound 2.0)
70-3017-0 jul05 Western Maryland Challenger (no sound)
70-3017-1 jan06 Western Maryland Challenger protosound 2.0
70-3018-1 dec05 Chicago & Alton J-3a Hudson
70-3019-1 dec08 NYC J-3a Hudson
70-3020-1 dec08 Pere Marquette J-3a Hudson
70-3021-1 dec08 Unlettered J-3a Hudson
70-3022-1 dec08 Erie Triplex
70-3023-1 dec08 Erie Triplex
70-3024-1 dec08 2-8-8-8-2 Triplex (lettered Virginian)
70-3025-1 dec08 ATSF class 3460 4-6-4, protosound

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