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MTH has been well regarded for decades for its range of O gauge model railroad products and has been the leader in american O gauge for some time. Whilst their most detailed O gauge products are in their Premier catalog they have not forgotten those that favor the charm and rugged strength of tinplate in both O gauge and the larger "standard gauge". Those in Britain of a certain age may well remember Hornby O gauge or perhaps Bing and Bassett-Lowke whilst in America it was the Likes of Lionel, Ives and American Flyer that were the main brands in the shops. MTH produces exacting replicas of the classic american tinplate designs using a number of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques and with modern paint finishes.

Each locomotive model is usually available in two versions, firstly there is the traditional model which will duplicate the original control mechanism and will operate with the controllers traditionally used with these tinplate models. Secondly there is the version equipped with a Protosound 2 or Protosound 3 controller. The Protosound electronics can operate either under traditional analogue variable voltage, which will enable a default set of sound effects and smoke, or under DCS digital control which will enable simultaneous individual control of all Protosound locomotives from one controller in the modern manner. In comparison to their other ranges the tinplate model locomotives normally have the traditional "hook and loop" couplers which are not powered.

Because of the exceptionally wide range of products a relatively small portion of discontinued items are illustrated on this site. As a full MTH dealership any item that is currently stocked at MTH or set for future production can be ordered up and, for those who chase the very limited edition "dealer" models, I am perfectly willing to order those up to the dealer limit. Please refer to the various parts of the MTH website and get in touch if you have any specific queries.

If you are used to model railway catalogues that change slowly but generally continue to offer each line for a number of years then a basic description of the production and ordering system for MTH's tinplate items may be helpful. MTH decides on which prototypes to manufacture and puts them in a catalogue along with an estimated release date, generally within the next twelve months. Within a relatively short time of the catalogue being issued (say 6 months) the order book is closed. This permits MTH to build to order. The production quantities of any particular model are not limited to a pre-determined amount but some are obviously going to be produced in a smaller quantity than the actual demand. It is also possible that an item will be cancelled if insufficient orders are received. As this is something of an experiment with regard to British and European customer demand for classic american outline tinplate please do enquire if you have an interest in any of the items listed so that we may revert with current availability and pricing.

The more recent locomotives with the Protosound 3 decoder can operate on analog dc or ac or under DCS digital, as per Protosound 2 products, but with the added facility of the major functions of DCC digital control. Please check this sheet for the main supported DCC commands.

Items on our lists can therefore fall into into several categories of availability:

IS - In stock, AO - Available to Order, PO - Pre Order, BC - Book Closed (enquire), BG - Been and Gone, RKC - RailKing Club item

Given our location we do not expect that many visitors but, if you ever are in the vicinity, by prior arrangement we would be pleased to show you what we have. We are happy to mail-order to anywhere the usual carriers can reach. If you would like to place an order then we provide a printable mail-in form, or alternatively you may place your credit/debit card order on line at our web-shop.


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