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Due to the way that the PayPal shopping cart works it has been neccessary to set the web-catalogue pages up in a way such that the postal option (UK or EEC, parcel or letter rate, uninsured or insured) is selected before individual items are added to the on-line basket. If you want different postal methods for multiple items then then that can be accomodated. If for any reason items have been selected for a postal option that you prefer not to use then those individual order lines may be deleted using the "view basket" button.

Please note: At the end of 2011 the parcel service to the United Kingdom has begun inflicting a £8 "processing" or "onward delivery" charge in addition to the 20% duty (VAT). I have been in touch with Jersey Post and there does not seem to be anything that I can do from this end to stop it. It may be a coincidence but the introduction of this extra charge seems to coincide suspiciously with the announced removal of the "low value consignment relief" on imports to the UK from the Channel Islands. So far it seems to be the parcel service that is operating this policy but it may spread to the letter service also. If the prices shown together with your appropriate rate of duty (VAT/TVA or whatever) and the possibility of a processing fee does push the price beyond a total cost that you are prepared to pay then please hold back from purchasing.

Please select from:

UK parcel service (uninsured)
UK parcel service (insured)
- sorry this service is no longer available

UK letter service (uninsured)
UK letter service (insured)

EEC parcel service (uninsured)
EEC parcel service (insured)

EEC letter service (uninsured)
EEC letterservice (insured)

If you live outside the UK/EEC or prefer some other courier (such as UPS/Fedex) then please contact us


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