MTH miscellaneous items.

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60-1067 aug02 Operating Clock
60-1184 mar03 Bar Stool With Back
60-1332 dec08 MTH POP Package
60-1333 dec08 RailKing Lenticular Mousepad
60-1353 dec08 Brass Holiday Ornament
60-1354 may03 Boxed Greeting Cards
60-1357 nov06 Ball Point Pen w/Case
60-14001 dec02 American Pennant Art GG-1
60-14002 dec02 Coffee Mug
60-14003 dec02 Key Tag
60-14004 dec02 Lil Engineer Kit
60-14005 dec02 Logo Mat
60-14007 dec02 picture frame
60-1500 mar01 End Cap Display - Rolling Stock
60-1501 mar01 End Cap Display - Rolling Stock

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