Small Print and Ordering Information

If you would like to buy any items, on-line or via mailed order, then please select the delivery service you wish to use.

The prices do not include V.A.T. or any regional sales tax, and a word on this may be in order. Jersey is not a full member of the E.E.C., it has not signed up to european V.A.T. legislation. When any goods are imported in to E.E.C. (or indeed other) countries import charges may apply. With regard to the United Kingdom our understanding is that the import duty would be the equivalent of V.A.T. and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise officers are within their rights to impose it, it is up to them to decide whether the cost of collection outweighs the duty. For small value items the method of collection is normally via the Post Office at the point of delivery.  

Note: As from 2012 Jersey Post started a system where for items sent to the UK (but not other EC countries) there is the option of pre-paying VAT for faster processing within the UK.

If you would like to buy any railway models or accessories then we accept payment by cheque, postal order, international money order and even cash (though if you do use this method then please, for your own protection, use registered post). If paying by cash we much prefer Sterling. We do occasionally use and are willing to accept U.S. Dollars and Euros, please send us an email letting us know what you want and how you would like it sent and we will get back with a dollar or euro amount that we would accept.

If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card you may place your order on-line, the card accepting service we use is PayPal. PayPal started off on its own, it was later taken over by eBay but has now been hived off and is independant once more. From the purchasers point of view PayPal may seem a little more long-winded the first time it is used in comparison to other systems (you have to think of an account name and a password) but for any subsequent transactions it is more streamlined (Please note that during 2005 PayPal stopped insisting that you set up an account). PayPal will deal with all the major credit and debit cards. Your browser must have "cookies" enabled (of the type that are returned to the originating server) for the PayPal shopping cart to work.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All these web pages should be considered as containing the proviso E&OE.

The text and images contained on this web site are copyright, variously of D. P. Associates Limited and M T H Electric Trains

The models have not been submitted for CE approval. We do not recommended the actual Railking O gauge range for children under 8 years of age, the other more finely detailed ranges 14 is probably more appropriate. There may be a risk of choking hazard due to small component parts.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery  for items marked as in-stock. For items marked as available-to-order please allow 6 weeks.

For items marked as pre-order please understand that the estimated production date is an estimated date and that further time will be required to ship items from the factory, pre-ordered items will be sent out to customers as they become available. Please read the additional terms applying to pre-orders and partial payments.

Due to the wide range of products that MTH offers, going down to road names and road numbers, it not common (within europe at least) to find people chasing the exact same item at the same time. You should therefore consider that all orders are "special orders" without an implied right of return if you should order up in error. Deatailing on MTH models is pretty good with some components (I would particularly mention handrails) being to more accurate proportions (thinner) than for other brands and despite perfectly reasonable foam cradles used within the shipping cartons some detail parts can be at risk of being distorted from transatlantic or european shipping. This is normally minor and should not be beyond the wit of a railway modeller to rectify. If you want me to open up, inspect and test prior to shipping to you I can do so and email images or video to show proof of life as may be appropriate to the major functions. If you do not have any model railway skills please let me know prior to ordering.

Jersey Post parcel post does not offer insurance. From France I can insure using La Poste, and there is also the possibility of using an insured shipping service (such as UPS). I am finding that the insurers are becoming far more onerous than in years past. If an insured package arrives with obvious damage then please either refuse delivery or make certain that any paper or touchscreen receipt that you give the delivery service mentions the damage. I know this is tedious but I would also advise you to take a video or series of still images as you unpack any high priced items (recommended for locomotives) even if the carton arrived in acceptable condition. I do not undertake to cover return shipping costs.

The usual warranty is one year, a few items being less. You should send the MTH warranty registration card in to MTH when you receive the item. If there is a problem under warranty for gauge 1 and O gauge I can usually obtain spare parts and either send them on to you or carry out a repair myself. Ho models are more problematic due to the compressed nature of the electronics fitted to the digital locomotive controllers and it would probably be more efficient for you to return it direct to MTH. I do not undertake to cover return shipping costs.

Please make any cheques or money orders payable to: 
D. P. Associates Limited
Route Orange
St. Brelade
Jersey JE3 8GQ

If you want to make contact please do so. I prefer if you use email

or failing that either by post to the address above or
Phone: 44 (0)1534 485113 or 33 (0)555 473740

or (texts only please) 44 (0)7797845670

If you are a customer that has been told to access the "special order" page then please click on this link.


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